Practitioner Name:Tracey Campbell
Location:Laguna Beach
Practice Areas:Codependency, Life Coaching and Facilitating, Narcissist Abuse, Self Esteem

Tracey Campbell

I specialize in helping women and men heal and recover in the aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse. Implementing a holistic approach to healing, we move through seven identifiable levels of repair beginning with the nervous system. The levels of repair that follow are: self-esteem, empowerment, trust, expression, perception, and spirituality. My approach is gentle and relies upon the natural healing capabilities of your system. Individual sessions are an important part of the process, and I also teach clients what they can do on their own to build a momentum that ultimately becomes a transformative journey. At some point, when clients are ready, group work is incorporated which accelerates the healing process. My training and practice is in the modality of Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy. This is a Body + Mind approach to trauma resolution that necessarily contains a somatic component. I provide free consultation prior to working together.
Here is some client feedback (anonymized):

“I was at the beginning of my divorce, with my 2 young kids, living in a hotel, depressed, stressed, and anxious about what else was coming my way with facing the narc in court. Before I met Tracey, I was feeling so hopeless and panicked, fearing what the narc may do next. I needed a compassionate, knowledgeable guide who could help me navigate the separation from my narc (and Tracey delivered that and then some)!!! What I liked the most about our first conversation is how confident and grounded she was. She walked me through a guided meditation and i remember feeling SO AMAZING after! I’ve had some wins in court with my narc, my self esteem has improved greatly, and I’ve been given lots of tools to strategize dealing with my narc. The healing that has taken place continues to grow and it has been a transformative experience to say the least ! It’s like a gift that keeps on giving! The tools that I’ve learned from Tracey are tools that I’ll be using for the rest of my lifetime. Thank you!!!”
– Lorrainne, Redondo Beach CA

“Group sessions are an intimate and safe space that provides you with a small community. I think it also allows us to act towards others in ways that we need to others to act towards us, with kindness and compassion. When we can practice acting in those ways towards the other women in the group, I think it gives us more practice in knowing our own worth and not allowing people in the outside world to mistreat us because we know what expectations we can have of people in our life.”
– Rebecca, Glendale CA

“I needed a therapist who was familiar with the current terminology and symptomology of the modern-day definition of narcissism. I was looking for empathy, validation, patience, and direction on how to come to terms with my situation, to come to terms with the wasted time that was invested in a pathological relationship. I couldn’t imagine being able to see that painfully torturous relationship in the rearview mirror. I also couldn’t imagine the clarity and perspective I have now. I was looking for a modality that “spoke” to me in which I might begin a healing process. It is immeasurably helpful that our individual sessions are over an hour!  In all other individual therapy sessions that are 45-55 minutes long, there’s always been this underlying angst to get thru the warm-up quickly, explain the issue du jour, and just as you’re getting to the awareness or aha moment, the session comes to an abrupt end. I appreciate that you require an initial commitment of “x” number of weeks. It gives me the security of knowing that we are in this together, that you will be by my side (so to speak) as I navigate this (hard, at times) journey.”
– Janine, Albany NY

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