Practitioner Name:Yvette Oloo
State:New York
Location:long Island City
Practice Area:Life Coaching and Facilitating

Yvette Oloo, CARC

?I have a background in architecture. Once I left an abusive relationship, I realized that there was a lot more in my life that was problematic, beyond figuring out what a narcissist is and trying to spot and avoid cluster B personalities.

?I did therapy, and a lot of self help work. And finally ended up getting certified in abuse and addiction recovery. But I didn’t just want to coach and I wanted to keep practicing some aspects of architecture, so I combined life coaching and environmental design.

?I now support survivors of abuse and dysfunction, by coaching them on how to create an exterior environment of joy that comes from an interior environment of joy. This is self development through interior design.

?Your environment is powerful; once you understand the phycology behind environmental design. You can use this to create the best possible conditions to thrive and live well.

?All my sessions are done online. I provide one-on-one coaching, group coaching and have a community of thrivers who are supporting each other in living well, by working on the full spectrum of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and e̾n̾v̾i̾r̾o̾n̾m̾e̾n̾t̾a̾l̾ influences.

?Create who you are!

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