Processing Your Fears By Journaling

Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real

Emotions. They are intricate and they can be tricky. The swirling of emotions can create a downward spiral and your life may feel like it is falling apart; emotional irregularity is known to create a tornado that can be overwhelming. Emotional resilience is the goal that will set us apart from that which tries to drag us down.

We are quick to categorize our emotions and put them neatly into charts and graphs but how do we handle them, really?

Let’s talk about fear. That’s a big one. Fear can be caused by virtually anything: are you dating someone new? Getting divorced? Starting a new job? Moving to a new neighborhood? New situations can be scary and real fear can come into play. You still must learn to manage your fears to survive. If you feel worried, doubtful, nervous, anxious, terrified, panicked, horrified, desperate, confused, or stressed, just to name a few, you are experiencing fear. As with any emotion, fear is brought to the surface from an unhealed trauma, either from a memory, people, places, sounds, smells, a memory or even a calendar date. If you are reliving something that was uncomfortable for you then, it could present as fear in the now.

Conquering our fears starts with understanding exactly what it is that we fear and why. The secret to understanding fear is to understand the meaning you put behind it. Oftentimes we build a story around the fear that creates a coping mechanism to help us manage it. The extra step must be taken to dissect the narrative that remains: to face our fears and walk through them with a plan. You may feel fearful but learning strategies to overcome and let go of that fear is crucial. The unknown is powerful. By confronting it, you can see the patterns that fear has had on you, and shine a spotlight on the path of change. If you allow yourself to be consumed with worry of the unknown, the fear will amplify, lie to you, and rob you of being present today. The complicated thoughts that your internal fears feed on will only serve to make you weaker unless you learn to identify and control them.

The opposite of fear is courage; bolster your fortitude and acknowledge it (I suggest on paper) by planning your reactions. Once armed with knowledge and direction, the fear will lose its grip.

Prompts to track each fear source - answer these questions:
List your fear(s).
What is the history surrounding this fear?
What is the worst-case scenario if what I fear occurs?
What would I do if this happened? Do I have a planned reaction?
What could I do to minimize the possibility of this fear occurring?
What is the possibility that this may happen?
Why am I afraid of this fear?
Can I think deeply about this fear and remember when I first felt afraid?
Has this happened before? Is it historical? If it is, how did I handle it then?
How has this fear affected my life?
Prompt: I can see how my fears have…

Conquering Fear Journal


Fearlessness now replaces fear. The comprehension that you had the power all along to deactivate that fear is inspiring. You have gone from hopeless to hopeful to having faith in yourself – you see the world of possibilities waiting for you ahead. The selfless gift of giving back to others makes you a surTHRIVER.

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