Tracy Malone narcissist abuse coach

Narcissist Abuse Coaching

Are you looking for someone to talk to about the narcissist abuse you have endured? I am Tracy Malone and I coach and support survivors just like you. In my home state of Colorado, I lead monthly meetup groups, and I have a successful YouTube channel and I created this website to support you.

My experience with narcissists leads back to my family of origin with a mother, aunt and two sisters. If you are dealing with a family member and the drama that can happen simply by being born into a crazy family, I can help you. Have you gone no-contact? That can be so hard for codependent, people pleasing people. I can support you. SADLY, the patterns that we adopt from our childhood trauma transfers into the patterns of how and who we love.

Married into crazy? Sadly, I married my family again, only these people were con artists narcissists. My divorce was called “The most tortured divorce in her town’s history” by the judge. Seven trials filled with false allegations, lies, contempt of court motions, hiding money, quitting jobs and the ugly threats. I made it through and I can help you.

Dating a narcissist was the last straw, this man also a con artist conning me out of money, getting his needs met, cleaning his house, caring for his child, packing and moving his house while he was out sleeping with several other women. He had secrets to protect and when faced with me meeting his new supply his best cover was to call the police and have me falsely arrested. While sitting in jail crying as to how a man I loved could do this, was the bottom.

There is a lesson to learn and unless we learn boundaries, self-love and understanding how to move forward is YOUR NEXT STEP. Let me be your guide.