What You Can Expect:

Personalized Q&A: Get your specific questions answered directly by an expert who understands the unique difficulties of dealing with a narcissistic ex-partner.

Actionable Advice: Learn effective strategies to protect yourself and your children, manage your legal representation, and counteract manipulative behaviors.

Community Support: Share experiences and insights with others who are going through similar situations, offering mutual support and encouragement.

Affordable Access: For a small fee, gain valuable insights and advice without the high cost of one-on-one coaching sessions.

Session Highlights:
Understanding and mitigating the impact of narcissistic behavior on you and your children
Legal strategies for working with your lawyer to ensure your situation is understood and addressed
Techniques for protecting your mental and emotional well-being
Solutions for handling an ex who is mistreating your children and attempting to alienate them from you

Why Join?
Navigating the tumultuous waters of divorcing or co-parenting with a narcissist can be overwhelming and isolating. With Office Hours, you are not alone. Benefit from the expert knowledge and compassionate guidance of an experienced professional, while also connecting with a supportive community.

Take control of your journey and find the support you need to move forward with confidence. Join our Office Hours and start getting the answers and support you deserve.

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