Tracy Malone is the author of her best selling book “DIVORCING YOUR NARCISSIST: You Can’t Make This Shit Up!” – she is a surTHRIVER divorce coach that will help you

  • Understand the rules of the game, upfront
  • Understand what tricks to expect and prepare for
  • Learn strategies,"If they do this... we do this..."
  • Understand your rights. Narcissists famously gaslight victims to think they will get nothing and have no rights...
  • Learn strategies to emotionally regulate this process
  • Learn strategies for the courtroom drama
  • Learn about the grey areas of a divorce decree because narcissists will exploit everything
  • Get strategies to communicate better during the process
  • Learn how to protect your financial future
  • Learn how to protect your childrens future with a narc-proof parenting plan
  • Learn how to document, what to document and how it can help your case
  • Learn to narc-proof your decree to stop post divorce legal abuse
  • Learn how to hon your detective skills to find the smoking gun or hidden assets
  • Learn skills to stop the triggers, so you can more easily regulate your emotions
  • Learn how to plan your exit and get away safely
  • Learn how to build a team, lawyers, to mediators, to a financial team
  • Learn how to find the smoking gun of leverage
  • Learn how to hire the right lawyer
  • Learn how to tell the children
  • Learn what to expect when divorcing a narcissist
  • Understand that divorcing a narcissist is dangerous you must prepare tactically and emotionally
  • Learn what to do when the narcissist falsely accuses you of things
  • Walk into the court and face your abuser with tools to help you keep calm and keep it together in front of the judge. They expect you to be weak when you work with me I will help you be stronger
  • Get your questions answered
  • Protect your children by being as strong as you can be

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