My name is Tracy Malone and I am a surTHRIVER who’s world was shattered after learning I had been surrounded by narcissists my whole life. How could I have not known about this? Of course, I know now – I made this site as a result of the work I have done. I have built an international resource for millions of victims all in my spare time. I do not have ads on my site to really help the users educate themselves and not get distracted.

My dream is to reach more people with the information they seek. I know victims get financially ruined and struggle to find resources. Help me sponsor finding additional resources. Sponsor a survivor in need with coaching to give them direction. Another need I have is help with the hosting of this website, because the amount of traffic I get the costs are higher to host than most sites, anything helps.

My promise to you is the money will be given back two-fold to victims.
Sending light and hope

Thank you
Tracy Malone

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