Every time you are triggered, the emotion you felt from an unhealed trauma is revealed, both positive and negative.  Anything from a memory, people, places, sounds, smells, or even a calendar date can trigger an emotional response which then causes you to relive the feelings from that past event. Everyone experiences both Emotional Reactions and Physical Reactions. Understanding the ‘why’ helps bring the unknown to the surface and ease the fears associated with it, which will ultimately allow you to let go of the emotions. Triggers often feel as if you have lost a sense of space and time, amplifying the awakened emotion because it carries the memory of feeling this way before.

Are triggers playing a big part in your life?

Does your ex or family know how to push every button?

Do you understand the ‘why’ behind the triggers?
Join me and a small group of ladies for a two-hour workshop on how to understand and process your triggers. This is one of my most popular lessons and all achieve vital skills to silence the voices and end the triggering reactions. These skills allow life to be more peaceful because your emotions aren’t constantly being hijacked.


Date: August 25th
Time: 5-7pm MDT
Cost: $125
Group size: 8

As a BONUS when you sign up for this evening, I will mail you a copy of my “Processing Triggers” Journal that you can apply all your new skills to during your own trigger processing journey.

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