Join me for a small intimate video support group, that meets once a week for two hours, each session is six weeks. My online group program will focus on healing and how to regulate your emotions and move on.  I have designed this six-week program with each session meeting on video for two hours with the same people each week.  This Group will be an evening event on Thursday’s 5-7 pm MDT.   Please check your time zone this is mountain time Colorado. Convert time here

This is the start of the program with these lessons:

Week 1: Do You Have Abandonment Wounds?

Week 2: Removing Triggers Power

Week 3: Are You Carrying Shame & Guilt?

Week 4: Your Inner Child Needs Nurturing

Week 5: Controlling Patterns of Jealousy

Week 6: Finding Courage to Rebuild

I will send homework tasks to do or videos to watch on the topic we discussed.

This will be a safe environment where you are heard and validated. I know that each one of you could be in different stages of recovery, so we will share our stories and concerns, but we will not do lots of bitching and whining because that can trigger other members. This is how I run my in-person groups and believe me you will get your time to talk and get your questions answered. The purpose of these groups will be to get you unstuck by learning what you need to about the behaviors you are seeing but move past them and start to focus on you.

Are going through a divorce, co-parenting, in a relationship, or healing from a relationship. No matter who the narcissist is in your life, we all seem to be dealing with the same issues and pain. Being invalidated is never fun, having someone smearing you and telling lies about you is so painful. You do not need to go through this alone. It’s time to break the patterns.

Refund policy: This is a prepaid support group for six weeks. Cancellation and refunds are available if you cancel before the first meeting. No pro-rated refunds will be issued because the spot will not be able to be filled once the session has started. You do not need to show up for every group meeting and you are free to come and go into your sessions as you need.

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