Divorcing a narcissist can feel like an overwhelming challenge, perhaps the toughest you’ve ever faced. The uncertainties ahead can leave you feeling lost and in need of guidance. Many find themselves isolated and helpless as the narcissist undermines their support system entirely.

My aim is to provide you with the strength and clarity needed to navigate this divorce journey with grace and maximum protection. I’ll be your virtual companion, holding your hand every step of the way. This offer and group are inclusive and open to men and women.

You don’t have to do this alone, together, we’ll tackle this process as partners.

Are you Struggling With…

Navigating Legal Warfare: Understanding How The Law Can Be Weaponized By A Narcissist

Navigating Parental Alienation: Strategies for Dealing with Children Turned Against You

Stolen Finances: How to Take Action When Your Ex Drains Your Accounts

Navigating False Allegations: Coping Strategies When Loved Ones Are Turned Against You

When Your Spouse Is Stalking You, Tracking, and Invading Your Privacy.

Understanding Their Strategy: How to Respond

Secure Your Financial Future: Know Your Rights, Not Their Narcissistic Interpretation

Shield Yourself from Post-Divorce Abuse: Strategies for Protection

Craft Your Case: Unraveling Lies and Navigating Crucial Evidence

Master the Art of Lawyer Selection and Expectation Management

Guide Your Attorney: Effectively Communicating the Dynamics of Abuse in Your Case

Counterattack Tactics: Choosing Your Battles Wisely and Formulating Effective Strategies

Support Children Post-Visitation: Strategies for Handling Challenges Upon Their Return

Craft Realistic Objectives: Establishing Goals Aligned with Legal Parameters and Personal Circumstances

Navigating Legal Documentation: Techniques for Handling Discovery and Interrogatories

Navigate Chaos: How to Respond to Texts, Attacks, and Deception

Manage Hostility: Setting Clear Communication Boundaries

Decode Toxic Messages: Mastering Communication Amidst Lies and Deception

Master Documentation: What Matters For Courts, Police, Custody Evaluations, GALs, PREs, and CLR

Secure Your Fair Share: Refuse to Settle for Narcissistic Crumbs

Prepare for Court: Effective Strategies for Dealing with GALs, PREs, and CLRs

Constructing a Narc-Proof Divorce Decree: Essential Protections You Need

Craft a Narc-Proof Parenting Plan: Safeguarding Your Children and Future Peace

Face Trial Day: Harnessing Strength, Courage, and Grace

Contemplating Divorce: Finding the Courage to Take the First Step

Preparing for Your Lawyer Meeting: Key Questions to Ask and Essential Steps to Take

Planning Your Safe Exit: Leaving the Marital Home with Security

Shielding Yourself: Strategies to Safeguard Against Manipulative Tactics in Divorce

Navigating Pro Se: Your Questions Answered

Assisting You in Coping with Aggressive Coparenting Tactics

Guiding You Through Emotional Coping Amid Lies, Smears, and False Allegations

Managing Persistent Triggers: Strategies for Coping and Finding Relief

Coping with Divorce Anxiety: Addressing Concerns about Children, Future, and More

Assisting You in Managing Your Frustration with the Court System

Navigating Divorce Tactics: Controlling Your Responses to the Battle

Instilling Courage and Hope: Empowering You Through the Divorce War

Discover Essential Emotional Tools for Coping With Your Divorce Journey

Tools for Letting Go of Pain and Healing

Coping Skills For the Pain and Sadness of This Chapter’s End

Navigating Grief, Anger, Fear, Betrayal, and Abandonment Wounds

Unlocking the Surthriver Divorce Membership Package Treasure Trove: What’s Inside?

    3 50-Minute Monthly One-On-One Coaching sessions (six total)
    60-Minute Monthly Saturday Morning Group Coaching Zoom Call (2 months access)
    BONUS Divorcing Your Narcissist: You Can’t Make This Shit Up! 300-page book – Electronic Version
    BONUS – Safeguard Against Post-Divorce Financial Abuse with My ‘What If They Don’t’ Clause”
    BONUS – Learn How to Prepare To Get Away: Our Leaving Plan
    BONUS Choosing the Right Lawyer: Essential Questions eBook
    BONUS – Learn How to Set Better Boundaries Course
    BONUS Learn The Magic Of Reframing And The Danger Of Your Story – “Change The Story” Course

Package Value $ 3297 – Your Cost only $1194

2-month Membership commitment $1,194 ($597 per month) – Payment plan available

Standalone small coaching packages are also available.

Tracy A. Malone is a renowned international divorce coach, specializing in guiding individuals through divorce proceedings with a narcissist and supporting them in healing from abuse.

Additionally, Tracy offers coaching services to parents facing challenging coparenting situations, equipping them with the tools to protect themselves post-divorce. She is an expert in parenting plans and will be launching a master course summer 24’.

Tracy’s debut book, “Divorcing Your Narcissist: You Can’t Make This Shit Up!” remains a bestseller and is hailed as the ultimate guide for navigating divorce with a narcissist. Tracy aimed to educate the world, reaching over three million survivors through her YouTube Channel, and achieving a top 1.5% global ranking with her podcast.

She is dedicated to empowering individuals who have experienced this trauma because she has turned her own painful experiences into a selfless mission of education and support. She provides a sanctuary for those impacted by narcissistic manipulation while steering them toward safety and tranquility.

Tracy has experienced narcissistic abuse. Witnessed it. And persevered through it. Tracy is a SurTHRIVER because of it. She is living proof that despite how it feels right now, there is hope for a new beginning.

Together, let’s reclaim your power, strength, and autonomy.


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