Stages of Recovery Quiz

Are you ready for something different but don't know where to turn?

We developed this quiz to help you determine where you are in the process of recognition of and recovery from narcissistic abuse.  Respond to the statements below with the answer that best describes where you are and how you feel at this point in your life.

Be assured that your answers and any information you share will be treated with the utmost respect and confidence.  Please answer fairly quickly, without trying to "figure it out" or give the "right" answer.  There are no "right" or "wrong" answers. Simply responding openly and honestly will be the best way to help you determine where you are and what's next as you move along the path through your own recovery process.

Okay, off you go!

We acknowledge you for taking a few minutes to get more information about Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse and where you are in the recovery process.

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