Red flag of a Narcissist | Something is not Right

Red flag of a narcissist | Something is not Right when you are dealing with a narcissist be it a husband or wife, mother, father, sister, brother or even your own child. Very often there are things that don’t quite add up, don’t make sense, and in your gut you just have questions. What this means is your are smarter then the narcissist and you are seeing patterns. If you ask them about it they will LIE so keep track and write them down, because the pieces of the puzzle will fall together and you will get help and get out and hopefully be safe and never get tricked by that narc or any other narcissist.


I’m a survivor of Narcissistic abuse and my goal with this channel is to educate other “victims” as they transition to becoming a “survivor”. I believe that education is our best way to heal, and the best way to not become a victim or supply to another narcissist. These videos are a healing part of my personal journey and while no animals were hurt in the making of these videos these are representations of the two relationships I have had and discovering after 55 years that my mother was a narcissist.

Please note: I am not a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or coach so use this information as my own personal journey of healing and the information that has been shared with me by friends, other YouTubers, groups and community. This video is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition, if you believe you or a loved one is suffering from narcissistic abuse please use seek any help from your community. Check out for some resources available to you.

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