CONTROL vacations/parties?

Narcissists must be the center of attention, they must control where you go, whom you see, and they don’t like to cater to other people. Going on vacations with a narcissist is often controlled by what they want to do with little to no consideration as to what you or your family wants to do. Many victims are so used to the controlling behaviors that when they go on a vacation to relax they find themselves getting sick from the stress of not being able to what makes them happy on a vacation. They often make a scene to ruin your vacation.


A narcissists desire to be the center of attention is often difficult to do when its someone else’s party so they might pout, or they claim they won’t go at the last minute. The narcissist is stirring up the pot and trying to get you mad, so you become hurt and you fight back. This tactic gets victims all worked up, so your night gets ruined. The confusing part is that after all the fighting and complaining about not wanting to go to the event the narcissist arrives with a big happy smile to charm the room and you are left still secretly seething while they pretend nothing ever happened.


Why do narcissists CONTROL vacations?