What is going Grey Rock mean?

Grey Rock is a healing technique that has one to have as little contact with the narcissist as possible and to be as emotionally uninterested in what they say as you would be walking by a grey rock on the beach.

Narcissists love confrontation because they turn it around making you into the evil one or they perceive themselves as winners of that confrontation by seeing that they got you to show emotion. Being able to control a victim’s emotions is supply. Emotions they love to provoke are anger, sadness, hurt, confusion and emotional pain.

The grey rock technique healing technique that protects you from letting them push your buttons and invoking these emotions. Stay calm, stay cool when in front of them because if you let them make you crazy or angry you are going to show crazy which they then use to tell everyone how crazy you are. Don’t give them the power.

If you need to go home after you see them and cry your eyes out, never show them these emotions.

If things have gotten to a bad stage with the narcissist it is essential that you disconnect all social media, I recommend blocking them over unfriending. Include blocking all of their friends that you are unsure of their loyalty. Never tell the narcissist you are going Grey Rock, this is a loss of power to them and will create a narcissistic injury. Do not answer texts, block them from email, phones and change your locks if they had a key. Tell your friends and family to ignore them if they reach out. This is the only way you will truly be able to escape and heal.


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