Narcissist Masks

Narcissists are actors and they play different roles for different people. We call these roles ‘masks’. they try to keep the mask up so you do not see what they are really like. The expression you will hear often is that when the mask falls and we see the real person it is not the same person. When a narcissist drops their mask in front of you that screwed up and forgot what role they were playing with you. This could mean you saw an evil side to them that you never saw before, don’t be surprised if they dump you after the mask falls. To them when the mask falls the GIG is up and they start moving on.

Dr Jekyll / Mr. Hyde – multiple persona’s – I like to think of this in two ways. The inside voice and the outside face. Out to the friends, family or workers they appear a certain way, then morph themselves to be something completely different for the next target

Look for: a different personality when they are at home then when they are out with people. You might see the person you believe they are when out in public, and that is who you think you feel in love with, sadly it was an act for you and it is an act to the people they are performing this role for now.


Many Narcissist Masks - I wear Masks to explain