Narcissistic gifts suck

To truly give someone a good and appropriate gift it helps that you get to know what that person likes. To understand what you collect or what you enjoy doing is someone that really spends the time getting to know you. A good gift doesn’t need to be expensive just thoughtful.

Narcissists are actors remember they are pretending to like you for a specific supply you offer them. They don’t really take the time to find something that is special for you. They simply don’t care.

Of course, there are some exceptions because everything in a narcissist’s world is on a spectrum. Often victims report that in that idealize stage they got great gifts but once they were hooked the gifts became very impersonal.

The exceptions: Some narcissists give great over the top gifts basically to buy peoples, love. If you land one of these narcissists it important to understand the cost to you in accepting the gift, you are under their control. They quickly learn they can buy your love by simply giving, by dangling a gift over your head; they can get what they want from you. These gifts may be appropriate and seemingly sweet, but the strings attached have a huge cost.


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