Narcissists Are Actors

Narcissists are actors playing a role. When we are selected as a target they use their charm to get deep within your hopes and dreams. What are you looking for, they can do that role? We tell them exactly what we want, what we like, what went wrong in our last relationship, and what are dream partner is. While you were busy sharing your story, and dreams the narcissist made note of everything including, what abuse you have tolerated before so they can set the bar in the right place. If you have been cheated on before all you want to hear is that he has never cheated on anyone, so he tells you. We have created a custom soulmate, but it was all an act.


Narcissists Are Actors Finding out the one you loved the one you gave everything from your body, mind, spirit, money, favors, cars, homes to was faking it. Didn’t we use to call these people gold diggers? They are con artists, liars, and thieves with no ability to feel or feel empathy for another.

Narcissists Are Actors | Red Flag