No Contact

No Contact is the only healing techniques known to truly heal from narcissistic abuse. It requires one to walk away and go totally “no contact”. No Contact means NO CONTACT, no emails, texts, phone calls, meeting for a drink nothing. The reason no contact works so well in helping the victim to heal is that without the distraction and constant triggers the victim is free to learn the skills s/he needs to gain clarity, get stronger and heal.

Immediately block them on social media and all their friends and family, block their phone number, emails and protect your home by changing locks if they had a key. If you show the narcissist that you are willing to ‘just listen or meet them’ they will charm you, win you with false promises and get you back into the cycle again.

Can't Go No Contact With Your Narcissist? | Protect

The average victim lets their abuser return seven times. Each time they return the bar gets lowered and the honeymoon period gets shorter, so they can get back to abusing you faster. Why do they do this? Because they know they have you and they can. The need to lovebomb you or win you over has been removed from the picture, so the abuse cycle starts all over again.

When you decide to go no contact, you can choose to tell the person or simply cut off contact. If you decide to tell the person and choose to do it in person also consider texting, emailing, or mailing as well so you have a paper trail. A mistake I see so many victims do is they tell the narcissist in person and then the narcissist harasses/stalks them and the police don’t do anything because it’s your words against theirs. You need a paper trail if you ever have need to get a restraining order.

Protect yourself and your family because at this point the narcissist has a big narc injury and the person you knew is no longer playing that role and things can, and often do, get scary.

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