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status oriented

Unearned sense of self-worth – grossly inflated view of their abilities and self-worth, they appear self-assured, cocky at times, opinionated and vocal about their opinions, grandiose tales of how great they are – everyone loves them, so they say… the very definition of arrogance paints the picture of a narcissist.

We have gathered a complete checklist of red flags of behaviors. Download it for free and print it out and check off the items you can clearly see in your narcissist. This is the most comprehensive worksheet and you may read things here that you hadn’t thought about and you may get another a-ha moment.


Sense of entitlement to anything they want, and they will lie and cheat to get it. Narcissists feel that the world owes them, they take what they want without regard for who they step on to get it. Entitlement is said to be caused by deep ra

ge and that fuels the sense that they have a right to do, say and have what they want.

Need for admiration – narcissists have an almost childlike need to hear how great they are, if they audience doesn’t play this game don’t worry the narcissist will tell everyone how successful, powerful, smart, and beautiful they are. These fantasies of grandeur become their reality, they surround themselves with fan clubs to reinforce their wonderfulness. Because of this excessive need for attention and being the ‘center’ of attention narcissists don’t have many friends willing to put up with this for long, that is why the revolving door of victims keep them in supply of that admiration.

Center of attention
–Narcissists will do everything to be the center of attention. Eventually every social situation will be about them and what ‘they’ want to do. They will not like going to birthday parties because the attention is on the birthday person, yet expect them to be rude to get the attention away from the birthday person. If they do not get their way expect them to act like a four-year-old, throwing tantrums, getting angry, drinking heavily and punishment when you get home.

Red flags of a Narcissist Summary | Red Flags

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