Degrade/Humiliate You

degrades or humiliates you

  • Name calling – if someone has crossed the narcissist they will use name calling at a tactic. This is often tied in with projection as they call you the names they should be called liar, cheat or terrible parent. This starts slowly as a joke and escalates to as they understand exactly what will hurt you the most.
    • Watch for: them calling past people in their life names. Crazy ex, Cheater, Whore. If they treat past people in their lives like this then you can count on them turning on you too. Narcissists are professional name callers and they will call their victims names that are the characteristics that you most honor and will defend about yourself. If you are a great Dad that is what they will attack because it throws you off and they can better control you.




Name calling is what narcissists do - be mindful before you trigger