Charming personality – a narcissist charm is part of their fake persona. It’s a manufactured role they play when they first meet a new supply or when they go out in public. Hiding behind this charming facade allows them to hide who they really are, gain trust, and maintains the appearance of innocence when they destroy the victim. This charm is false and behind closed doors the victim questions where ‘that guy’ went, it’s in your gut that something is wrong, but you are powerless to do anything. Then the cycle begins again – you go out and he charms the world and puts you on a pedestal only to come home and ignore you.

We have gathered a complete checklist of red flags of behaviors. Download it for free and print it out and check off the items you can clearly see in your narcissist. This is the most comprehensive worksheet and you may read things here that you hadn’t thought about and you may get another a-ha moment. DOWNLOAD OUR FREE RED FLAG CHECKLIST


Narcissists are Very Charming | Red Flag