Narcissists and The Public Image of Themselves

public image concernNarcissists are very concerned about how people see them and what people think of them. Therefore they wear different masks. A mask is a different persona that they can turn on in different situations. Have you ever watched your narcissist answer the door or pick up the phone and this charming act begins? Once the people are out of sight you see is a different person. If this has ever happened and the actions confused you, then your narcissist is putting on a show to impress people. If there is someone that has Klout, status, money or influence they need them in their lives’ to validate them and potentially give them supply. Think back, were they always trying to impress influential people? Impressing them is paramount because they know that surrounding themselves with influential people raise their status, then their own status is raised simply by who they are hanging out with.

Have you noticed a difference in the narcissist’s personality when they are hanging out with people that cannot help them in any way, such as your friends, or family? This is because they do not need to be impressive to them. Now if your friends or family can offer them some status or supply, they will work very hard to impress them, and this means using their charming mask. If the person holds no value to them, they will try to isolate you from them to destroy your support system.

The social status of every narcissist, of course, will be different since everything is on a spectrum. Think back to their behaviors. Were there people they put on a show for, while others they blocked you from seeing because they didn’t have value for them? Their egos guide them here and they worry about how the public sees them. For this reason, during a divorce/breakup or discard they will smear you immediately, getting to your friends and family so they can preserve their status with any people of influence.

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