Craves Power/Control

Absolute control – Once inside the spider’s web a narcissist demands total control and they constantly test victims to get them to show loyalty by allowing themselves to be controlled.

power and control

Watch for: You will probably see the mind games and control of other people before you see yourself as being controlled. Narcissists generally hate their boss at work because they are better than them and because a boss can control them.

Delusions of grandeur – Narcissists have an unearned sense of self-worth and grandiose tales of their accomplishments.

Watch for: Stories of how great they are that just don’t make sense. You believe that everyone loves them because they told you so. Follow the breadcrumbs, do some of these stories not add up? Do they put other people down to raise themselves higher? Do they argue that their own beliefs and opinions are the absolute authority, and everyone should listen to them? If they disagree with someone – how do, they act towards that person next time.



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