You Feel Something is Off

feeling something is wrongHaving a feeling something is off (Intuition)

Intuition is a deep knowing, a gut instinct, and a trusted source of information…when we learn to rely on it. This is one of the most valuable gifts we can develop and we are all capable of tapping into it.

Dr Jekyll / Mr. Hyde – multiple personas’s –think of this as the inside face and the outside face. They start out so charming, so kind and giving, in time as things settle down and they get moved off the high pedestal, as life gets back to normal they lose interest and begin the devalue phase and they become another person. Most people will never see the evil side until they have decided you are no longer needed, then the fangs come out and attack in unimaginable ways. Often to the narcissist will go into a horrible rage and then the next day act like nothing happened. This is the confusing part for victims as they hold onto that crazy and start to blame themselves. The narcissist will deny anything ever happened and even accuse them of being crazy. This push-pull behavior leads to trauma bonding in the victim.


When we are dealing with a narcissist intuition doesn’t disappear, but we may doubt it more. However, the more you use it, the more you will learn to trust it. It is part of your true nature.

Intuition also can tell us when we are dealing with a person who may be a narcissist. If we pay close attention we can avoid entanglements with narcissists by listening to this inner source of wisdom and truth.

Your Intuition Something is Not Right | Red Flag Narcissist

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Trust your gut. If something seems off, even if you cannot put your finger on it, it probably is. Intuition is a base instinct that you possess to keep you safe. It is subtle, therefore we tend to override it with our “head voice.”

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