No Regard for Rules or Laws

no regard rules and lawsBecause narcissists believe they are entitled they also believe they are above the law. Like any red flag, these behaviors are on a spectrum that can range from speeding or breaking traffic laws to stealing and taking whatever, they want. As things deteriorate they might stalk you, or break restraining orders. They might, of course, get psychical and hurt their victims. They perceive themselves to be, or feel entitled?

Divorcing a narcissist is generally an area where every victim experiences this type of behavior. Things you might see them do are: not complying with the judges’ orders, not producing paperwork, lying in court or making up false claims. Further, you might hear them accusing the other parent of thing they themselves do to the children. Divorcing a narcissist often results in very high conflict and an expensive divorce. Parental alienation occurs, as well as, custody battles, stealing and hiding assets, not paying support or alimony, and for the unlucky ones, police charges being filed against them.

Did back did your person think they were above the law? Have they ever taken advantage of people for money? They think they are above the law and often create elaborate scams to steal from people.