No Accountability

no accountability

No responsibility for anything, narcissists can’t accept responsibility for their actions. Its never their fault, in fact, it probably is ‘your’ fault or the blame someone else like their ex, boss or friend. Don’t ever expect an apology from a narcissist because in their warped minds they did nothing wrong, besides it was your fault.

If its always someone else’s fault this is a red flag you must pay attention too. Nothing is ever their fault its always the victims.

Plays victim by painting themselves as the victim or innocent in all aspects a narcissist gains pity and uses this tool to gain control. Narcissists are actors and one of the award-winning roles they play is ‘victim’, while in truth they are abusing, confusing, wreaking havoc, mistreating, torturing the ones that love them. Often offended by someone telling them the truth a narcissist will act like a trapped animal and lash out to defend the role of victim.