Rushing Intimacy

Rushing IntimacyNarcissist Red Flag Rushing Intimacy is sign of a narcissist and how they sweep you off your feet at the beginning of the relationship. Narcissists pretend to fall in love quickly, they will tell you they have never loved anyone like they love you, and you are perfect in their eyes. Later victims look back at how the narcissist had so many of the same interests, they love everything you love, wine and dine you, they can’t get enough of you, more than likely it is the most romantic relationship you have ever had. They ask deep thoughtful questions to show they care. It’s easy to believe them.

Speeds and rushes relationship to confuse victims and not give them a chance to process – narcissists use the relationship tactic of soulmate scam. The charm is on, the narcissist comes on strong, sweeps us off our feet. It’s a miracle, he seems to have the same interests, goals, philosophies, tastes, habits. He admires your looks, your ambitions, and your dreams. No one has ever been so perfect for him and quickly the narcissist wants to start a life with you. He fakes integrity, appears to be a good person with good family roots, appears helpful, comforting, enlightened and so sensitive. How could this not be our soulmate? It may be quick it may be decades but one day you will be thinking your knight in shining armor has become your nightmare.

Lovebombing is a manipulation that literally ‘bombs’ their target with compliments, texts, phone calls, flowers, gifts, selfie sending, ‘I miss you’ texts even if it’s only been a few hours. They gobble up your time slowly isolating you from your friends and you want to spend more and more time with them. A narcissist will be comparing you to the others in their past and telling you how different you are, how perfect you are for them. They rush intimacy, talk about moving in together, buying items together and getting married quickly.


Red Flag of a Narcissist

SOCIAL wagging his tail – overly texting – first thing in the morning, last thing at night, snap chatting (watch out for this sign because the evidence disappears). He will come on so fast and so charming as well… prince charming. If he plasters your Facebook page with compliments, flattery, songs, and poems. They text you dozens, if not hundreds of times per day. You come to rely on this over-communication as a source of confidence. If this happens to watch for all the other signs.

Quickly declares you their soul mate. And for some reason, you don’t find it creepy. She will tell you how much they have in common with you. On the first few dates, you do most of the talking and they just can’t believe how perfect you are for them.

Compares you to everyone else in their life. Ex-lovers, friends, family members, and your eventual replacement. When idealizing, they make you feel special by telling you how much better you are than these people. When devaluing, they use these comparisons to hurt you.

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They tell you very personal stories about themselves and they want to know everything about you. Be very careful about what you tell them too soon, they will use it against you.

Narcissist Rushing Intimacy - Red Flag