What is Narcissistic Triangulation? | Red Flag

Triangulation can occur in any relationship but it is very common in a relationship with a narcissist. It may happen at home, at work, with friends, or within a family. The narcissist may pit you against any other person he/she can get to engage in their “victim-playing.”

Narcissists recruit friends, colleagues, family members, the authorities, institutions, or neighbors, to do their bidding. They use others to cajole, coerce, threaten, stalk, offer retreat, tempt, convince, harass, communicate, and otherwise manipulate their target.

By clever seduction, through words and posturing, the narcissist entices their pawns to do their dirty work for them. Unaware, and being persuaded by the narcissist’s rendition of truth, they take up the cause and align themselves against the one the narcissist controls.

The narcissist creates perpetual triangles around the one they desire to control. They perpetuate constant torment for their victims.

They claim that they are being tormented by their victim. They create rescuers who then torment the victim, thinking they are protecting the narcissist from the “bully.”