past crazy people

We’ve all met a guy or girl who has a crazy ex. But, when you’ve got a narcissist on your hands, you’ll see early in the relationship that they almost always tells you some horror stories about their ex or exes.
They may say they were cheated on or that they were verbally and emotionally abused. You’ll end up feeling sorry for them, and that’s the goal.


Narcissists play this game when they find a new partner—they play a victim of their previous relationship with their “crazy ex.” In this game they make you feel for them, want to help them, want to show them what real love is all about.

However, if you listen to them talk about their exes or family members who no longer talk to them, their stories don’t add up. It is not uncommon for narcissists to not have contact with many of their relatives—or many of the narcissist’s relatives don’t talk to them!
The narcissist will often use the same excuse as to why none of his relationships have worked out: their family member, ex-lovers are all crazy, bipolar, addicts, alcoholics, bad people or parents. You feel bad for them as they seem to have had such terrible luck with all the wrong people. You stick up for them.

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However, there is high likelihood that many of these people probably aren’t crazy or bad at all. They are just regular people that found out the truth about the narcissist and removed themselves from his/her life.


Narcissist wants to be your friend. It's another scheme - BEWARE!