Sense of Entitlement Narcissists

Narcissists think they are superior and better than everyone. They have a false unearned sense of entitlement. here are some keywords that might come to your mind when you think of the narcissists sense of entitlement.
My name is Tracy Malone and I am a survivor of a lifetime of narcissist abuse which from a parental upbringing with a narcissist mother and a dysfunctional love basis I then choose two narcissist men to partner with. This series of videos is my three month journey of self awareness. I am not a doctor or therapist I am educating myself in a high volume of information from the internet and blogs, youtubers, victim advocate counselor, therapist, narcissist abuse groups x2, a womens empowerment group. In my need to learn I am doing what I do… which is to help others. It is with deep gratitude that I found the experts who are teaching me to find myself.

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