Smear Campaigns

After the grand finale with a Narcissist expect a smear campaign to occur. A smear campaign is pretty much what it sounds like – they are going to smear your name to your friends and family and try to do it first so that they come off looking like a victim instead of the nasty inhuman that they are. In this video I will explain the process and hopefully through my story give you some ideas on how to protect yourself, how to react, how to deal with the hurt and additional abuse of now having to defend your honor when it was them who was a horrible person.

Smear campaign is designed to isolate you
Have others abandon you
Guilt you
Make you think your crazy
Make you suffer
Demonizing you to your friends and family coworkers

They believe they are the victim.
I have to get you before you get me
People that believe a smear campaign were never your friends in the first place

National abuse hotline 800-799-safe

A Narc can never love
They have no emotions – no ability to ave empathy

Narcissist self love ?? Nope hatred

This is an awakening! This narcissist was sent to me to bring me closer to experience something I had to learn. The whole Narc experience is a soul contract bringing us to our unresolved wounds. To make the unconscious – con conscious so we can free ourselves to be a higher self.

Manipulation co-worse, control, threaten, stalk, tempt, harass we are puppets of his bidding/ dumps them when done.

The reason they do smear campaigns is to draw away attention to themselves and set up themselves as victim.

Smears groups, social media, friends, colleges, family, children, use police, authorizes, system, judges, therapists, court appointed guardians

The way to explain Smear campaigns to someone who has the common decency to ask would be
My X is very sick and I have done nothing wrong, I am a nice person who was abused

The only thing you can control is your reaction

When you have experienced fight it flight triggers will enable it to come back

I want you to think of a smear campaign as advertising
When I Narc has you in the idealize stage then the smears to your friends and family
About how wonderful you are is the first smear, because in his eyes he is lying then. He only does it to build your trust in his love, show to your friends that he is a great guy to befriend. He loves you, they love you! He is setting the field for when he sets up the smear for later by building their trust. Building allies and testing their loyalty and seeing who are the weak links he can sign on with.

You feel exposed, vulnerable, you must go no contact

The devaluation stage happens because the Narc is getting board and already building his new supply. He can again call on those good friends of yours to tell them how concerned he was at all these things he smears you will. The victim doesn’t even. Know when the devalue stage starts because he is stewing and plotting.

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