Stage One “Victim” – You Might Be feeling

  • Facing horrific betrayal
  • Hurt
  • Confusion
  • Rejection
  • Denial
  • Shame
  • Anger at X or Narcissist
  • Double victimized by friends and family that think you're crazy
  • Angry at yourself for not knowing
  • Anger at yourself for the lost time – the love you gave it all to
  • Fear – what will I do now – financially, children
  • Fear – for the unknown future that has been changed for good
  • Abandonment
  • Loneliness

What You Need To Learn

Stage Two “Survivor” – You Might Be feeling

  • Not ready to forgive
  • Struggling to rebuild life
  • Getting counseling
  • Ready to be back to self
  • Trust issues still present
  • Learning self-care
  • Reevaluating friendships
  • Anger is less, still triggered by events
  • Hopeful
  • Trigger based depression
  • Learned self-soothing techniques
  • Uncovering childhood trauma that made you a victim
  • Rebuilding financial strength
  • Hyper aware of the flags / you might see narcissists everywhere

What You Need To Learn

  • Boundaries & Setting Limits – Complete our Boundaries Course
  • Work on taking back your life
  • Get back out there going out with friends and family (stop isolating)
  • Don’t stop learning – engage in our community – Join our community group
  • Study vulnerability – gratitude – happiness

Stage Three “surTHRIVER” – Are you still feeling

  • Angry and resentful toward the one that did this to you?
  • Burdened with thoughts or emotions about unresolved events of the past?
  • Embarrassed or shameful about having been victimized and used by your abuser?
  • Unable to concentrate at work, difficulty caring for your children, unable to rebuild your life?
  • That there’s no way you’ll ever want to or be able to forgive your abuser?
  • Like you’re being judged by others for not moving on and creating your life the way you most want it to be?
  • A yearning for freedom to express yourself fully and pursue your dreams passionately?

What You Need To Learn

  • Refocus – Learn the dangers of holding onto emotional attachments and experience the power of letting go. Release the bonds to the narcissist/abuser in your life so you can refocus your efforts back on yourself and your new life.
  • Self-confidence – Reclaim the old you and find even more personal power, self-love and self-confidence to propel you forward. Experience self-love so that you can turn chaos into calm, overwhelm into options and anxiety into joy.
  • Mindfulness – Learn to be fully present in the moment, where your mind is calm and anxiety disappears. You will learn powerful tools to instantly bring yourself back to this moment, so you can live your life with a new sense of adventure, curiosity and peace every day.
  • Build New Healthy Relationships – Learn to connect in new ways, so you attract better relationships and authentic friendships that support the new you. Get tools that effectively help you deal with triggers, stress, fear and anxiety. Gain new healthy and empowering relationship skills that help you make better choices in the future.