Stages of recovery


STAGE 1 - Betrayal/ Hurt Stage - You may not even know you were abused at this point. Many victims do experience – depression - confusion & emotional chaos– rejection – denial – shame - grief.
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STAGE 2 – Detective Stage - Find out about narcissist abuse – learn red flags - patterns - discover unknown secrets – discover lies - understand what made you a perfect target
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STAGE 3 – Self-Awareness Stage - Here survivors of narcissistic abuse can describe with ‘new terminology’ now, and that finally puts the pieces together. The common feeling victims ‘begin with’ is isolation and now the deprogramming has begun and a peaceful clarity soothes the night as you metamorphosis from victim to survivor.
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STAGE 4 – Awareness/Recovery Stage - No contact is finally happening, emotional distance makes setting boundaries possible. Restoration of a more peaceful time. New healthier relationships make it easy to identify toxic people and understand they do not have to stay. Live life fully again - no fear - adaptation – letting go – empowerment – move forward – self love
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