Stages of Recovery Quiz – Stage 3, Self-Awareness

Thanks for taking the Stages of Recovery Quiz.


Your score on the quiz at this point is in the mid-range of 47 – 68.

(in a few minutes you can check the results emailed to you for your your exact score)
It’s likely that you’ve left the narcissistic person in your life and you’re starting to make your own way in the world again.
You’ve learned to describe the experience with ‘new terminology’ now, and have finally put the pieces together.  You might be experiencing PTSD and a sense of isolation, but the deprogramming has begun.  Your new understandings, greater clarity and hope feed your resolve to continue on your journey of recovery.
It’s not easy and often feels like a struggle.  This is a challenging time in the recovery process as:

  • You’re likely experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, at times feeling clear and strong, other times feeling overwhelmed and fearful.
  • You’ve left, but the manipulations and threat of the abuser still feel present and real and may even keep you coming back.
  • You have hope, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and you just wish you had more help and reassurance along the way.
  • You want to just let go of responsibility to everyone else so you can take the time to figure it out, but you can’t because you find yourself in multiple roles with many responsibilities.
  • You don’t know who you can trust to talk with about your experience, and you don’t yet have the tools to get through this on your own.

You’re on your way through the process of recovery so you can come out the other side stronger, healthier, wiser and happier.
Here are some things you can do that will help you move through the process:

  • Continue to educate yourself about the stages of recovery.
  • Put yourself in a supportive community of people who have experienced what you have and have moved on in their lives.
  • Consider giving yourself the benefit of a structured Narc Abuse Recovery program.

You have access to lots of resources and support here.  In addition to the information and education available, we have programs and services designed to ease the struggles and speed you along your journey to wholeness.
To make it easier for you (and to help you get out of overwhelm) we can help you!
Create your Plan! Regardless of how you choose to heal, continue to learn and come back often for information, inspiration and tools to support you in your journey.
We believe in you.
You deserve to be happy.

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