Stages of Recovery Quiz – Stage 4, Awareness/Recovery

Thanks for making the time to take the Stages of Recovery Quiz.


Your score on the quiz at this point is in the upper range of 69 – 90.

(in a few minutes you can check the results emailed to you for your your exact score)
Congratulations, you’ve made great strides!
In this stage in your journey, you have no contact with the narcissist.  Physical and emotional distance makes setting boundaries possible. Your life has been restored to a more peaceful, less complicated state.  Thank goodness!
You’ve developed new, healthier kinds of relationships.  You’ve learned to more easily identify toxic people and understand they do not have to stay.  You’ve done a great job of freeing yourself from the narcissist.
Yet maybe you’re not quite where you want to be.  Maybe you find yourself still troubled at times by thoughts or feelings from the past or you feel like you’re burdened with some unresolved “stuff.”
Maybe you sometimes find yourself feeling:

  • Angry and resentful toward the one who abused you.
  • Embarrassed or shameful about having been victimized and used.
  • Bothered by little lingering fears, doubts or sense of unworthiness.
  • That there’s no way you’ll ever want to or be able to forgive your abuser.
  • That you’re not quite able to fully let go, move on and create your life the way you most want it to be.
  • A yearning for true freedom to express yourself fully and pursue your dreams passionately.

If so, it’s okay that’s happening – you don’t have to be perfect.  You’ve experienced a lot of trauma and distress in your life and you’re still in the process of healing.  Yet you want to live life fully again – no fear – adaptation – letting go – empowerment – moving forward – true self love.
We can help.  You have access to lots of information and support here, including programs designed specifically to help you let go and put the past behind you for good.
At this stage in your recovery, you might benefit from:

  • Developing a morning practice of mindfulness to help keep you feeling centered, clear and connected.
  • Whenever you feel yourself becoming anxious or reliving moments from the past, take 10 slow, deep breaths to help bring you back to a state of calm.
  • Continue to elevate your levels of self-love and happiness by engaging in my
Create a Plan! Take care of yourself, come back often for information, inspiration and tools to support you in the completion of your healing journey.
We believe in you.
You deserve to be happy, healthy and fulfilled!

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