Different Stages of Victim – Survivor – surThriver

I am often heard saying that we NEED to understand we were a victim because we WERE… The victim role is not a place we want to live, but we must understand the fact that we were targeted because of our loving nature and a myriad of other reasons. Of course, the goal is to survive narcissist abuse, I dare you to say that is NOT enough. We need to aspire to be a stronger person then the one that was caught in the trap of a narcissist. To do that we must become a surTHRIVER! We have worked with the worlds leading experts in trauma and PTSD to bring you a way to deal with the deep stuff that often blocks us from reaching that surTHRIVER goal. We need to learn tools that we can use for the rest of our lives, tools that help when triggers happen or life just ‘off’.

Are you ready to heal? If you are we have a way for you to get back to being you again. Learn about our surTHRIVER recovery program here.

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