“I scheduled the ‘Can This Help Me? Support Answers Single Session’ with Ms. Tracey Malone. At the time I had gone through other counseling sessions with licensed therapists and some spiritual counselors to help me heal from a narcissistic abusive relationship. I wanted assistance mentally processing what happened and regaining confidence in myself and life in general. I actually was thinking oh my, another session just bringing up these wounds and not feeling like I was really being heard or the persons quite got it. Well, Tracey gets it! She’s been there and it’s almost like she was birthed to do this. I felt like all the labels I had given myself and the situation were removed. And Tracey saw me, the person, the soul that needed healing, help, and encouragement to go on after this episode. It was the most impactful counseling session I had, living up to its name. She even gives you specific soul-work material after she has listened to you so that you can continue to heal and move on. You can tell this lady really cares about you and now loves and cherishes her life after her own experience. Thank you so much, Tracey, I have finally accepted what happened and feel so much better within myself and at peace.” – SurThriver

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