“I’ve been married to a covert narcissist for the past ten years. After years of depression, self doubt, and walking on egg shells I finally decided to do my research about what I was going through. After years of being demeaned, devalued, and conditioned to not trust my instincts I took the first steps of researching the verbal, emotional, and psychologically abuse I was suffering from. None of my friends could really understand what I was going through despite how supportive they were if i couldn’t help but feel shame as I spoke and saw how mortified they were when I explained the way my spouse was treating me regularly. It was hard for them to understand how I could stay in such a toxic relationship for so long as they were not familiar with love bombing and gaslighting. I found myself having to calm them down as they could not comprehend how someone could be so selfish/rude/ manipulative. I finally filed for divorce in March. It has been a nightmare divorcing a covert narcissist who is also an attorney and litigates for a living. After months of the research regarding covert narcissism and crying my eyes out realizing that I was abused and it was not all my fault I was done feeling sorry for myself and needed to figure out how to move forward.  I needed the  techniques, ways to cope, and recover from the abuse.  That’s where I found Tracy Malone during the Avaya Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse conference. I loved the information she provided regarding the importance of changing our story which is imperative in order to not attract future narcissists. I signed up for Tracey’s  narcissist recovery coaching group and it has literally been my lifeline during covid, being on shelter orders with the narc , and going through a high conflict divorce.   In addition, to the coaching Tracy provides the support from the other members in the group has been priceless. Being able to explain my situation and having others understand completely what I am going through is beyond priceless. I am so grateful to Tracy for everything she is teaching regarding boundaries, negative patterns of thinking, and other extremely useful techniques so that I can stop feeling like a victim and start working on myself and learning that I am deserving of love and respect. Above all, the support from team members and the ability to connect with others, who have an understanding of why it’s taken me so long to get out of my marriage, who are not speechless and shocked by my narc’s actions towards me, and instead are empathetic, supportive, and can help me see that there is light at the end of the tunnel means more to me than any words can describe. Highly recommend the recovery coaching group!” – SurThriver

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