The Broken Bird

The Broken Bird by A.V. 

She had a coat of feathers
A very luscious one
Vibrant, full of color
Shining in the bright yellow sunYou gave her a warm place to stay
A nice cozy little nest
She had a smile from within
Nothing but love in her chestShe could soar high with the wind
Or low with the worms
She had confidence in her ability
She felt safe and secureBut then the clouds roll in
Ever so dark and thick
And then it all happens
So very unusually quick

The wind starts to pick up
Here comes the depressing rain
It’s only falling just on her
She takes all the fault and blame

Your words are like lightening
Stabbing at her soul
The fear when you get violent
Grabs her hard, it won’t let go

She’s standing as strong as she can
In this never ending storm
Her words are lost to the dark
Her heart forever mourns

She’s screaming from within
But no one hears her cry
She’s never felt more alone
More willing to die

A bird who had a coat of feathers
Full of compassion and love
Now only has pieces of her wings
And has fallen from God’s sky above

She lays lifeless on the ground
But the storm doesn’t give up
It pounds, it tears, it won’t let go
Her soul becomes an empty cup

The storm shows no remorse
For all the damage it has done
Ripping through like a hurricane
Leaving no where to run

The feathers fall off
All one by one
All hope has been abolished
The devil has won

She gives her all with 2 broken wings
And a spirit that has been crushed
To still show she loves, cares, and more
Only to be silenced and hushed

The storm quickly runs away
Leaving behind not a care
Just mass destruction all over
No remorse in the cold, dark air

And so the storm wins
With all its might and power
The bird lays lifeless
Ready to accept her last hour.

Her gentle spirit lay in pieces
Her voice never to be heard
And that’s the story of how she became
The sad little broken bird.

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