The power of words to heal after narcissistic abuse – interview with Stacy Brookman

Welcome to my first meet the expert series of interviews. Today I interview a wonderful survivor Stacy Brookman who used the power of words to heal after her sociopath ex-husband did some pretty horrible things to her. My goal with this series is to show you there is life after abuse, and to introduce you to the people that can help you heal.

When we keep our feelings inside they can manifest in many ways, today I interviewed another survivor Stacy Brookman. Stacey has been teaching survivors to get their feelings out by using the power of your words.
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Stacey Brookman bio Stacy Brookman is a Resilience and Life Storytelling Expert and produces the Real Life Resilience podcast. She helps smart, outwardly confident women who secretly have low self-esteem issues due to an emotionally abusive partner take back control and begin to develop the resilience they need to be themselves again. Her free monthly webinar will give you 4 Simple, Proven Methods to Writing the First Chapter of Your Life Story in Just 7 Days. She believes that life is a story…and it’s never too late to start telling yours.

Thank you Stacy!!


The power of words to heal after narcissistic abuse - Stacy Brookman

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