The Somatic Sexual Narcissist

When somatic characteristics are dominant and cerebral characteristics are recessive, the disordered narcissist will capitalize on their beauty and charisma to seduce targets.

Whereas the cerebral narcissist typically prefers celibacy or masturbation to sexual engagement with another, the somatic sexual narcissist wields the physical self as a manipulative tool to procure sexual exploits. Hence, along with the amplification of appearance is the somatic narcissist’s emphasis on titillating sexual activity designed to control and debase.

In examining the machinations of the somatic sexual narcissist it’s relevant to address the commonalities and differences with sex addiction.

Sex addiction is characterized by compulsive sexual acting-out, in which the addict is impervious to insight and progressive negative consequences. The primary function of sexual acting-out is to avoid uncomfortable feelings often rooted in unresolved traumatic wounds. By losing oneself in ritualized fantastical sexual scenarios, the sex addict deflects from the distress caused by their traumatic wounds.

Big thank you to Rev. Sheri Heller for submitting such a great article!

Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW

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