Tips for Divorcing a Narcissist with Author Bill Eddy

6 of Bill Eddy’s favorite Tips for Divorcing a Narcissist

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Bill Eddy the author of many books but my favorite is Splitting. Bill was a lawyer and a clinical social worker and the founder of the High Conflict Institute. What I love about this interview is the way he explains how the judges view this type of divorce, he explains the term ‘splitting’ the black and white thinking of a narcissistic abuser. We also talked about the fact that there is an increase in narcissistic people and he explains his theory on how this has exploded. You do not need to be going through a divorce to listen to this video because there is so much information that she shares with us.

Thank you, Bill, for doing this wonderful video with me.

Best Tips For Divorcing a narcissist with Author Bill Eddy (Splitting book)

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