Who Are We?


Who is behind NarcissistAbuseSupport.com?

Tracy A. Malone is an acclaimed international coach specializing in working with people who are dealing with narcissistic abuse, including those who need support in divorce proceedings and healing.

Tracy is the founder of NarcissistAbuseSupport.com, a global platform to support survivors of narcissistic abuse.  Tracy has been a powerful ally for those dealing with narcissistic relationships for almost 10 years.

Tracy’s debut book, “Divorcing Your Narcissist: You Can’t Make This Shit Up!” remains a bestseller and is hailed as the ultimate guide for navigating divorce with a narcissist.

Tracy’s YouTube Channel has reached over three million survivors, and her podcast ranks in the top 1.5% globally.

She is dedicated to empowering individuals who have experienced this trauma because she has turned her own painful experiences into a selfless mission of education and support. She provides a sanctuary for those impacted by narcissistic manipulation while steering them toward safety and tranquility.

The goal is to guide survivors of narcissistic abuse away from the current chaos and anguish to become a SurTHRIVER and heal from this form of abuse.

The scars left by narcissistic abuse are often overlooked. There are devastating feelings of betrayal, hurt, and frustration while draining the soul from the abuse.

Tracy has experienced narcissistic abuse. Witnessed it. And persevered through it. Tracy is a SurTHRIVER because of it. She is living proof that despite how it feels right now, there is hope for a new beginning.

Together, let’s reclaim your power, strength, and autonomy.

What Are We?

Are we a company with numerous scholars and PhDs? No. A brilliant startup based on the horrific trend of narcissist abuse interest because it has become the buzz term of the times? No. Is it an effort put out by insurance companies or mental health agencies? Nope.

We are an education program on an international level dedicated to educating victims, our children, parents, teachers, therapists, police, and judges. In short, we need a complete revamp of our system and way of thinking and I want to help us get there. With the epidemic of domestic violence and terror raging around the world coupled with my own past experiences, I recognized the need to introduce not only important terminology and definitions but also offer educational assistance to those who did not realize they were victims or what they were victims of. No one deserves to live that way. I now offer educational and coaching services on “Red Flags,” “Behaviors” and understanding how to spot a narcissist, “Toxicity,” how to protect yourself from becoming a target, and learn what support is out there to help you or a friend, just to name a few. I am proud to say that this website offers resources to victims in excess of 145 countries.

People often talk about how when you find your calling in life and trust in God, you should take that leap of faith and jump off the edge of the pool – he will not only catch you but also use you to help those who need to hear what you have to say. Good things will happen. With no idea of how I would balance my business and my destiny, I simply believed that if I built it and created awareness, people could be helped with the education we have gathered and continue to gather.


My dream was always to create this resource to help victims by sharing books, blogs, and targeted therapists and coaches who can help. If you are a therapist or coach who is able to help victims, you have a solid understanding of Narcissistic abuse and would like to be added to our directory, please fill out this form.

I have developed a blog, built by experts and bloggers because I believe that healing only comes through our education and the sharing of our stories.

Narcissistic abuse is growing so fast that we must start to get people educated at a higher level. What if we could teach our teachers, children, therapists, police, and courts? Would there be fewer victims or fewer people on drugs for depression or anxiety? Would our insurance companies support a global conference? Would a television network record the conference and help educate? In Google, the search terms “narcissists” and “narcissism” are up 1500% in just the last few years. People are pinning, tweeting, sharing, watching, and recording about it and TEDx talks are often about the many aspects of abuse. This speaks volumes as to what is on our minds as a whole and what urgently needs to be addressed.

How Can We Create A Movement?

Together! By talking about it. By creating change in our laws and education materials. Can a country (world) take responsibility to help victims by teaching their police and courts how to not allow victims to be REVICTIMIZED by a narcissist? Can power be given to one parent to save their children from the other who only wants to use their own kids as pawns? Can we stop the vengeance plotted against others simply because they know the ugly truth? The time is now. It is critical and bordering on dire necessity.

Narcissistabusesupport.com is helping save our children, mothers and fathers, friends, neighbors, and coworkers from the predator in our homes. Spread the word.

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