True Lovefraud Stories: A new podcast telling stories like yours

Why do we get tangled up with narcissists and sociopaths? One big reason is that nobody tells us they’re out there, so we don’t know to watch out for them. I am changing that with my new podcast called, True Lovefraud Stories. I’m sharing stories of people who believed they found a loving partner, when in fact, they were targeted by narcissist or sociopath. True Lovefraud Stories shows you what subtly abusive behavior looks like, in the words of people, like you, who lived it.

Listen to True Lovefraud Stories at the link below, or on your favorite podcast platform:

This is a podcast about deception and betrayal masquerading as love. If you’ve already experienced this, the stories will validate your experience. If you’ve had difficulty explaining to others how it could possibly happen, tell them to listen to the podcast. The stories highlight just how smooth and convincing these perpetrators are, and how the targets, like you, simply respond as normal human beings.

One woman married a man who claimed to be a Navy SEAL — “claimed” is the operative word. Another woman’s new beau wanted them to buy a Corvette together — with her money. One man was so stressed by his wife’s cheating that it contributed to his brain hemorrhage. Another woman’s partner took out her jealous rage on their children. One woman found a way to exact revenge against the narcissist. Another was so confused by her boyfriend’s conflicting behavior that she thought she was losing her mind.

After each story, I interview an expert on an important topic raised in the episode. I interviewed Dr. Liane Leedom, a psychiatrist and expert on psychopathy, on how stress affects the brain. Brad Robinson, a licensed private investigator, explains why online background checks don’t work. Mandy Friedman, LPCC-S, explains depression — what it is, and how to overcome it. Dr. Denise McDermott, a psychiatrist, says that in order to overcome profound betrayal, you first need to find the will to live. I’ll be interviewing Tracy Malone, founder of Narcissistic Abuse Support, in an upcoming episode.

True Lovefraud Stories is available on all major podcast platforms. If you subscribe, you can listen to the podcast without ads. You’ll also be invited to Lovefraud Live, my streaming show in with I explain narcissists and sociopaths and then answer your questions.

I invite you to listen to True Lovefraud Stories. You’ll hear how the survivors were drawn into the relationships and the harm they endured — tales that will certainly sound familiar. Perhaps more importantly for the Narcissistic Abuse Support community, you’ll hear how the survivors recovered. I hope that hearing their stories will encourage you to keep moving forward in your own healing journey.


Donna has been a close collegue for many years. I love to promote the work of others who I have such a strong belief in and I am THRILLED to be included in one of her upcoming episodes. Thank you for sharing your latest venture, Donna!




Donna Andersen is host of the True Lovefraud Stories podcast and author of and eight books about spotting, escaping and recovering from sociopaths. She developed Lovefraud Education, which offers webinars for survivors and professionals. Donna has presented scientific research on personality disorders, and has shared her expertise on numerous TV, radio and online programs.

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