FREE Divorcing Your Narcissist Webinar

What You Will Learn In This Masterclass

  • Understanding the tactics and strategies employed by narcissists during divorce.
  • The manipulation tactics commonly used regarding finances.
  • Recognizing and addressing lies, smear campaigns, and false allegations.
  • Understanding the potential duration of divorcing a narcissist.
  • Recognizing the value of building a team and understanding their roles.

This Masterclass Is For you if…

  • Are you constantly surprised by the divorce process thus far?
  • Do you feel like you’re caught in an emotional whirlwind?
  • Are false allegations being made by your soon-to-be-ex, leaving you perplexed?
  • Do you suspect your narcissistic spouse is engaging in financial manipulation?
  • Would it be beneficial for you to gain clarity on what to anticipate?