What Can I Do About My Grief?

  1. Keep a journal: Write down your feelings/ grief and what your doing to make progress. Looking back will help you to see this progression and remind you that every day you are moving forward.
  2. Write a letter: Write down your message to someone involved in the grief. Tell them exactly what you’re going through or if you have any unresolved business, you don’t even have to send it!
  3. Don’t avoid family days: Plan ahead of time how you will make them special, what rituals will change, what will remain the same, and how you will cope with the pain of grief together.
  4. Communicate: Tell others clearly what you need. They won’t always know that something is even wrong and even if they do, they may not know what to do.
  5. Eat right and exercise.
  6. Set small goals: Start small, accomplish those goals and then move onto bigger goals.
  7. Reach out: Others can help to ease the pain, but they need to know what’s going on to be able to help.
  8. Be open: Talk about your feelings.
  9. Informal counseling: Talking with family members, friends, or a clergy person could all help.(Also, it’s affordable)
  10. Formal counseling: Appointments with a professionally trained counselor or therapist can be an extremely effective tool when dealing with grief.
  11. CRY!: Tears are as natural as laughter and just as healing. Whether shared with others or shed in private, tears can help release bottled up sadness, anger, exhaustion, guilt, and loneliness. It’s more difficult to keep your feelings inside than to let them out.
  12. Use outside stimuli: Movies, games, music, books, etc can all help to stop dwelling on the negatives.
  13. Dream.
  14. Breathe: Deep breaths. Give your body proper oxygen to function properly.
  15. Rely on your friendships: Those who are their for you are invaluable assets. This is not a sign of weakness.
  16. Create a safe place: Go there, spend some time. Whether in person or in your mind. Find your happy place.

Author Unknown – Social media posted

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