Who Are These Narcissists

Who is a narcissist?
bigstock-Man-and-woman-in-the-car-pop-a-89979080While all people are naturally geared towards self-preservation, someone who thinks that they’re the center of the universe can be described as a narcissist. Narcissism has many attributes and can be described by the following behavioral displays:
  • Narcissists love themselves more than a normal person should; everything is, “Me, me, and me.”
  • They are proud and tend to exaggerate their abilities and accomplishments.
  • Conversations should be about them. A minute ago, you were discussing waffles but it will definitely end up about that vacation the narcissist took ages ago.
  • They love people who praise and suck up to them, and they hate those who criticize them.
  • They use people and reap the rewards without giving credit or showing gratitude.
  • Narcissists put themselves first even at another person’s expense.

Needless to say, narcissists are at the bottom of the list of people you want near you. I’m sure you’ve encountered a couple of them in your life, but what if you find out that your significant other displays this kind of personality? Dealing with them would be a pain in the ass and would cause a lot of heartaches, so you should definitely break up with them.

A narcissist can be your husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor, boss, church member, or anyone you come in contact with. There are endless possibilities of “who” they can be. The important thing to remember is the actions, behaviors are all very similar. Educate yourself of these traits and you might very well be able to identify with some of them. They do not need all the red flags to be a narcissist.

Narcissist Warning Signs

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