What/who is narcissistabusesupport.com?

Is it a company with numerous scholars and PhDs? Or a brilliant startup based on the horrific trend of narcissist abuse interest because of all the discussion regarding one of our presidential candidates? Is it an effort put out by insurance companies or mental health agencies? How about an education program on a national level to deal with educating our victims, children, therapists, teachers, police and judges? With the epidemic of domestic violence and terror in our country, I am sure there is a support group out there like AA or CODA attempting to educate our next generation about “Red Flags”, “Behaviors” and understanding how to spot a narcissist, how to protect yourself, or to learn what support is out there to help you or a friend.

Like so many of the experts interested in helping others that write books and get published work on Psychology Today or the Huffington Post, the idea for this website was born from a victim of narcissist abuse. To say I even knew what Narcissistic Personality Disorder was would be a lie. At the age of 55 I learned about my life in one single “event” that pushed me as low as I could possibly imagine.

I turned to my first video at the “YouTube University” when a friend suggested I look up ‘Gaslighting’.

My journey was long overdue, and my perfect life story was crumbling before my very eyes. I started getting involved in support forums, reading blogs and watching YouTube. Upon discovering a lifetime of abusive patterns and poor choices, it felt quite natural to get in front of a camera and make my first YouTube video. Looking back at the first videos I made, you will see fear, hurt, shame, confusion, and shock. My channel started with two subscribers (one was me), and within these last two years I have received 7200 subscribers and over 600,000 views. With time I found creative ways to deliver a message. Humbled by my followers – my goal in starting this was solely therapy for myself and documenting my journey – inside I hoped and believed that if I could help just one person, it would all be worth it.

Being lucky enough to find a local Colorado agency that understood abuse, I was able to get ten weeks of counseling from a compassionate, knowledgeable counselor that provided me with tools that finally helped me without judgment or making me think I was crazy. I then asked myself why it was so hard to find this help, and how my experience could help others. This knowledge and research birthed the resource section of this website, the 650 agencies in the USA that offer to counsel to the emotionally abused. As I shared the state-by-state directory on the support forums it was great to hear back from group members who had called and been able to receive help thanks to my URL.


tracyamalone-tracy-a-maloneSo who is behind narcissistabusesupport.com? Me, Tracy A Malone – a victim, survivor and marketing gal with a small team building this to raise awareness. People often talk about how when you find your calling in life and if you are willing to jump off the edge of the pool, trusting in God, he will use you to help those good things happen. With no idea of how I will balance my business and my destiny, I simply believe that if I build it and create awareness, people will be saved.


My dream is to create this resource to help victims, and share books, blogs, targeted therapists and coaches that can help. Ultimately, I hope to have a blog that is built by experts and victims because I think it is only through our education and the sharing of our stories that we can heal.

If you are a therapist or coach able to help victims and you have a good understanding of Narcissistic abuse and would like to add to our directory please fill out this form.

Narcissistic abuse is growing so fast that we must start to get people educated at a higher level. What if we could teach our teachers, children, therapists, police, and courts? Would there be fewer victims or fewer people on drugs for depression or anxiety? Would our insurance companies support a global conference? Would a television network record the conference and help educate? In Google search terms narcissists & narcissism is up 1500%; people are pinning, tweeting, sharing, watching and recording, & TEDx talks are often about the many aspects of abuse.

how can we create a movement?

Together! A change in laws and education? Can a country take responsibility to help victims by teaching their police and courts how to not allow victims to be REVICTIMIZED by a narcissist? Can power be given to a parent to save their children from one who only wants to use their own kids as pawns to take revenge simply because we know the truth?


  • 50% of all couples experience at least one violent incident
  • 1 in 5 high school students report being physically or sexually abused
  • it is more likely that a woman will be killed by her spouse than a police officer will be killed in the line of duty
  • 20% of murders in the US are committed by members of a family, 13% of murders are committed by intimate partners
  • 21% of all women who use an emergency surgical services are battered
  • 6 million American women are beaten each year by their partners
  • in the US there are 1200 battered women’s shelters and 3600 animal shelters!!!!!

Narcissistabusesupport.com is helping us save our children, mothers and fathers from the predator in our house.