Who Is Tracy A Malone?

Perhaps you have seen my YouTube channel? Or Chatted with me on Twitter, Instagram, or maybe your a member of my private Facebook group, or seen me on some other narcissist support group. Perhaps you have been to the Boulder or Denver Colorado in person meetup and met me there.
Maybe you follow my GREAT Pinterest board on narcissist abuse or listened to my Podcast. Either way you found my website so welcome.
I am a survivor of narcissistic abuse on a new journey just like you. As soon as I learned what the heck all the crazy people in my life were doing I started teaching, sharing and bringing others to understanding. I have been abused my whole life but only learned 18 months ago, my mother, my sisters, my x-husband, his crazy family and ultimately a boyfriend of 2.5 years that caused this transition in my life with his horrific discard.
I have spoken and helped hundreds of survivors and I can help you with private coaching and virtual online group narcissist abuse support meetups.
I live in Colorado and I own a marketing company that helps businesses understand how to market. Everything from website to SEO and social media.

After a narcissist, education is the medicine of recovery. You are not alone - Tracy Malone

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