How to leave a narcissist

If you are thinking of leaving a narcissist and you are faced with this task you need to prepare yourself. Narcissists are a tricky breed, if you decide to leave them first it generally puts victims into the cycle of narcissist abuse again. Let’s not forget how it all started – love-bombing and idealizing right? After you initially tell them you want out there are some things that can happen:

  1. The love-bombing begins again and you remember the person you fell in love with and you take them back
  2. If they already have a side supply lined up they ‘could’ agree with you and seemingly agree to make it easy
  3. They could get very angry because you have caused a narcissitic injury, if they scare you – GET OUT! Call 911 or a friend, just get safe

In all cases, you are being set up. Understanding the meaning behind of the above choices is essential to not be fooled into ‘not being prepared’.

If the love-bombing begins and they sweep you off your feet again with apologies and love, know that you have ‘tipped your hand that you want out’ and they will begin planning their next move in the background. Love-bombing you keeps you hooked while they work in the background to form a plan to ruin you.
If you are married and have shared assets this will begin the financial drain from hiding money and assets to many other dirty tricks. They do this because narcissists are entitled to EVERYTHING (in their minds). Many survivors of divorce from a narcissist speak of the financial abuse, these hiding money tactics are one way that you can prevent if you are aware of what to do or that they often play this game.
The reason they might react like nicely is that they have already begun to protect the assets and they know keeping you calm by telling you that s/he going to be fair will keep you from properly preparing.
We strongly encourage you to BE PREPARED, you must consider your personal safety, financial protection, internet data protection, how to get resources to help you so you are not isolated.
Survivors ourselves our experts have put together a comprehensive plan to assist you in leaving and BEING PREPARED
Our 28 page workbook is only $17 and we know it will help.
GET OUR LEAVING PLAN AND BE PREPARED The founder of Tracy Malone has a message about being prepared. Watch her video below


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